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Biblical Traditions in the Qur’an (11-12 October 2018)

Biblical Traditions in the Qur'an (11-12 October 2018)

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Understanding the Qur’an’s engagement with Biblical and Biblically based traditions has re-emerged as a pivotal scholarly challenge. The Islamic scripture clearly addresses an audience that was profoundly familiar with a considerable amount of Biblical and post-Biblical Jewish and Christian stories, concepts, and doctrines, and it engages in a sophisticated process of ideological critique, recasting, and reconfiguration in accordance with a particular set of doctrinal commitments. The conference will gather an interdisciplinary group of specialists in order to create a comprehensive image of the current state of our knowledge about the Qur’an’s appropriation of Biblical traditions and to catalyse further progress.

Convenors :
Professor Nicolai Sinai, University of Oxford
Dr Marianna Klar, School of Oriental and African Studies
Professor Gabriel S Reynolds, University of Notre Dame
Dr Holger Zellentin, University of Cambridge

Registration :
A registration fee is payable at the time of booking. For further information and details of how to book please click on ’Book event’.
Standard Admission : £95 for both days ; £50 for one day
Early Bird booking (before 31 January 2018) : £75 for both days ; £40 for one day
Concessions : £36 for both days ; £20 for one day

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