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Companion to the Qur’an. Based on the Arberry Translation (W.M. WATT)

WATT (W. M.), Companion to the Qur’an, Based on the Arberry Translation, London, Routledge, 2007, 360 p. ISBN 978-0-415-43900-8 (anciennement publié chez Allen & Unwin, 1967)


William Montgomery Watt fut professeur émérite d’arabe et d’études islamiques à l’Université d’Edimbourg. Il est mondialement connu pour sa biographie de Muhammad.


Originally published in 1967, this Companion is designed to help readers of the Qur’an by giving them necessary background information. An account is given of ideas peculiar to the Qur’an, and the main variant interpretations are noted. A full index of Qur’anic proper names and an index of words commented on has been provided. Based on A J Arberry’s translation, this Companion can be used with other translations, or indeed with the original text, since the verses are numbered.

(Source : Routledge)

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