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Institutions anglo-saxonnes

Department of Qur’anic studies (The Institute of Ismaili Studies)

Depuis l’an 2000, l’institut des études ismaéliennes (créé en 1977) dispose d’un département de recherche dévoué aux études coraniques. Il ambitionne, entre autres, de promouvoir la connaissance de la pluralité des interprétations du Coran en Islam.
Qur’anic Studies is part of the Institute’s Department of Academic Research and Publications. The IIS embarked on Qur’anic studies in 2000 with a view to promoting scholarship on the plurality of traditions inspired by the Holy Qur’an and (...)

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School of Historical Studies/The Islamic World (Institute for Advanced Studies)

The Institute for Advanced Study is one of the world’s leading centers for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry. The Institute exists to encourage and support fundamental research in the sciences and humanities – the original, often speculative, thinking that produces advances in knowledge that change the way we understand the world. It provides for the mentoring of scholars by Faculty, and it offers all who work there the freedom to undertake research that will make (...)

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Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (University of Edinburgh)

IMES is recognised in the UK and internationally as a leading institution for research and undergraduate and postgraduate study. It offers a wide range of undergraduate degree programmes in Arabic, Persian and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as non-degree training in Turkish. (Lire la suite)
Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies
19 George Square, Edinburgh
EH8 9LD, United Kingdom
Tel : + 44(0)131 650-4182
Fax : + 44 (0)131 650-6804
Email : (...)

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Department of Near Eastern Studies (Cornell University)

The Department of Near Eastern Studies offers courses in the history, civilization, archaeology, religion, languages, and literatures of the Near East, a region which has had an important impact on the development of our civilization and plays a vital role in today’s world community. Encompassing the Near East from ancient times to the modern period, the Department’s course offerings encourage students to take an interdisciplinary approach to the cultures of this region, and (...)

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Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies (University of St Andrews)

The Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies (MECACS) aims to stimulate interdisciplinary discourse, research and teaching on this geographic area by providing venues to bring together specialists and scholars in the field across the University of St. Andrews’ diverse schools and disciplines, especially in the partner Schools of International Relations and History. (Lire la suite...)
Equipe enseignante
Professor John Anderson, Professor Ali Ansari, (...)

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