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Islamic Studies Project

CSER has launched a major research project devoted to examining the origins of Islam and the Koran.

Présentation du projet

Using the historical-critical methods familiar to Western textual scholarship the project is designed to document the development of Islam’s holy book and its transmission, as well as the development of key ideas in Islamic history. CSER has close ties with Inârah, a consultation of scholars in North America and Europe. Members of the consultation include Professor Dr. Karl-Heinz Ohlig, Dr. Gerd-Rüdiger Puin, Volker Popp, Professor Dr. Markus Groβ, Ibn Warraq, and Professor Dr. R. Joseph Hoffmann.

CSER/Inârah will hold a congress at the European Academy in Otzenhausen, Germany (outside Saarbrücken) 13-16 March 2008. The conference theme is “Early Islamic History and the Origins of the Koran” and is being generously supported by grants from the Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris Foundations.

Compte rendu du colloque

A Conference On The Early History Of Islam And The Koran, by Ibn Warraq (May 2008) : Report On The Inarah Otzenhauzen[1] Conference On “The Early History Of Islam And The Koran” March 13-16, 2008 en ligne

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