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Makers of the Muslim World (Oneworld Publications)


This is the first series entirely devoted to the men and women who made the Muslim world what it is today,
whether they were poets or scholars, artists or scientists, politicians or religious leaders. The series will cover the
entire range of Islamic civilization in geographic and chronological terms. Intended as a guide for students,
laymen, Islamicists in need of quick orientation, and academics in other fields, the books are written by experts in
a clear and straightforward language and no prior knowledge of Islam or its history is required to follow them.

Editrice : Patricia Crone

Cette collection rassemble quatre ouvrages qui concernent les premiers siècles de l’Islam :

- Abd al-Malik
- Mu’awiya ibn abi Sufyan, From Arabia to Empire
- Ahmad ibn Hanbal
- al-Ma’mum

(Source : Oneworld Publications)


Abd al-Malik (Chase ROBINSON)

ROBINSON (Chase), Abd al-Malik, Oxford, Oneworld, ("Makers of the muslim world"), 2005, XV-139 p. ISBN 1-85168-361-5
’Abd al-Malik, who came to promience during the second civil war of early Islam, ruled the Islamic empire from 692 until 705. Not only did he successfully suppress rebellion within the Muslim world and expand its frontiers, but in many respects he founded the empire itself. By about 700, the forms of a new realm which stretched from North Africa in the west to (...)

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Ahmad ibn Hanbal (Christopher MELCHERT)

MELCHERT (Christopher), Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Oxford, Oneworld, ("
Makers of the modern theological mind / Bob E. Patterson, ed. - Waco : Word books, 1972-.../Makers of the Muslim World"), c2006, ix, 143 p. ISBN 1-85168-407-7
In this pioneering biography, Christopher Melchert examines the forefather of the fourth of the four principal Sunni schools of jurisprudence, the Hanbali. Upholding the view that the Qur’an was uncreated and the direct word of God, Ahmad ibn Hanbal (...)

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Mu’awiya ibn abi Sufyan From Arabia to Empire (R. Stephen HUMPHREYS)

HUMPHRIES R. Stephen, Mu’awiya ibn abi Sufyan. From Arabia to Empire, Oxford, Oneworld, ("Makers of the muslim world"), 2006, XII+145 p. ISBN 978-1-85168-402-1
In this accessible study, Stephen Humphreys introduces the most elusive of the early caliphs, Mu’awiya ibn abi Sufyan (602-680). Notoriously guarded about his thoughts, motives and emotions, Mu’awiya was universally known as a figure of immense political acumen. Beyond this, opinions are deeply divided. Throughout history, (...)

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al-Ma’mum (Michael COOPERSON)

COOPERSON Michael, al-Ma’mum, Oxford, Oneworld, ("Makers of the muslim world"), 2005, XII+144 p. ISBN 1-85168-386-0
This accessible new biography treats al-Ma’mum (786-833) as the product of his age, which was a formative period in the development of Islamic law and theology. It presents him in his many facets : rebel, rationalist, scientist, poet, politician, warrior, inquisitor, and self-proclaimed defender of the faith. Drawing on contemporary sources, some friendly and (...)

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