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Materials for the History of the Text of the Quran ; The Old Codices (Arthur JEFFERY)

JEFFERY (Arthur), Materials for the history of the text of the Qurʾān : The old codices : the "Kitāb al-Maṣāḥif" of Ibn Abī Dāwūd, together with a collection of the variant readings from the codices of Ibn Ma˜sūd, Ubai, ˜Alī, Ibn ˜Abbās, Anas, Abū Mūsā and other early qur’anic authorities which present a type of text anterior to that of the canonical text of ˜Uthmān / Edited by Arthur Jeffery..., Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1937, X-362-223 p.

Table des matières

General Introduction
The Masahif Books

(a) Primary Codices
- Codex of Ibn Mas’ud
- Codex of Ubai b. Ka’b
- Codex of ’Ali
- Codex of Ibn ’Abbas
- Codex Of Abu Musa al-Ashari
- Codex of Hafsa
- Codex of Anas b. Malik
- Codex of ’Umar
- Codex of Zaid b. Thabit
- Codex of Ibn az-Zubair
- Codex of Ibn Amr
- Codex of A’isha
- Codex of Salim
- Codex of Umm Salama
- Codex of Ubaid b. Umair

(b) Secondary Codices
- Codex of al-Aswad
- Codex of Alqama
- Codex of Hittan
- Codex of Said b. Jubair
- Codex of Talha
- Codex of Ikrima
- Codex of Mujahid
- Codex of Asa b. Abi Rabih
- Codex of ar-Rabi’ b. Khuthaim
- Codex of al-A’mash
- Codex of Ja’far as-Sadiq
- Codex of Salih b. Kaisan
- Codex of al-Harith b. Suwaid

(c) Unnamed Codices

Text of Ibn Abi Dawud’s Kitab al-Masahif.

Une partie de l’ouvrage est consultable sur internet.

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