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Muhammad and the Golden Bough, Reconstructing Arabian Myth (Jaroslav STETKEVYCH)

STETKEVYCH (Jaroslav), Muḥammad and the golden bough : reconstructing Arabian myth, Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1996, XI+169 p. Biblio, Index. ISBN 0-253-33208-7


Jaroslav Stetkevych est professeur émérite en littérature arabe à l’Université de Chicago. Il est spécialiste en particulier de la poésie arabe anté-islamique.


Through its development of a methodology for analyzing the mythic and folkloric traditions of pre-Islamic Arabia and the process of their incorporation into Islamic myth and Qur’anic texts, Muhammad and the Golden Bough offers compelling insights for students of Islam, comparative religion, and cultural anthropology. By linking Arabic myth with a broad range of ancient and classical texts—including Gilgamesh, Homer, and the Hebrew Bible—the book makes a provocative contribution to biblical and ancient Near Eastern studies, classics, and comparative literature.

Table des matières

- Introduction : Reclaiming Arabian Myth
- The Textual Puzzle
- The Thamudic Backdrop to the Puzzle
- The First Answer to the Puzzle : The Raid on Tabuk
- The Totem and the Taboo
- Poeticizing the Thamud
- Demythologizing the Thamud
- The Scream
- The Arabian Golden Bough and Kindred Branches : Frazer, Vergil, Homer, and Gilgamesh
- Conclusion

(Source : Indiana University Press)

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