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Ouvrages en anglais

Coherence in the Qur’an. A study of Islâhî’s Concept Nazm in Tadabbur-i Qur’ân (Mustansir MIR)

MIR (Mustansir), Coherence in the Qur’an. A study of Islâhî’s Concept Nazm in Tadabbur-i Qur’ân, Indianapolis, American trust Publications, 1986, 125 p.
Mustansir Mir est Professeur d’islamologie au Département de Philosophie et des sciences religieuses à l’Université de Youngstown (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies).
A widely held view about the Qur’an is that, in its received form, it lacks coherence. Not surprisingly, most approaches to the Qur’an have remained (...)

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Bible and Qur’ân. Essays in scriptural Intertextuality (éd. John C. REEVES)

REEVES (John C.) éd., Bible and Qur’ân. Essays in Scriptural Intertextuality, Atlanta, Society of Biblical Literature, ("Society of Biblical Literature Symposium ; 24"), 2003, XIII+245 p. ISBN 1-58983-064-4
John C. Reeves est Professeur d’études juives à l’Université de Caroline du Nord à Charlotte (University of North Carolina).
The Bible and the Qur‘an share a common layer of discourse based on stories and legends associated with certain paradigmatic characters like Noah, (...)

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Modern Controversies in Quranic Studies (éd. Mohammed NEKROUNI, Jan MEISE)

NEKROUNI Mohammed, MEISE Jan, (éd.), Modern controversies in Qurʼānic studies, Unter mitarbeit von esther meininghaus, Hamburg-Schenefeld, EB-Verl., ("Bonner Islamstudien /herausgegeben von Stephan Conermann; Bd. 7"), 2009, 226 p. ISBN 978-3-936912-15-9
This collection of articles emanates from the panel „Literarische und linguistische Ansätze der Koranexegese“ during the 29th Deutscher Orientalistentag at Halle/Saale on October 2, 2004. The editors are especially glad that this (...)

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New researches into the composition and exegesis of the Qoran (Hartwig HIRSCHFELD)

HIRSCHFELD (Hartwig), New researches into the composition and exegesis of the Qoran, London, Royal Asiatic Society, 1902, II+155 p.
Hartwig Hirschfeld était un spécialiste des langues sémitiques et se consacra notamment à l’étude des interactions entre les cultures juive et arabe au Moyen âge.
The critical study of the Qurân has advanced but little since Professor Nöldeke, forty years ago, published his book which combines leraning, acumen, and judgement in rare perfection. (...)

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The art of reciting the Qur’an (Kristina NELSON)

NELSON (Kristina), The art of reciting the Qur’an, Le Caire/New York, American University in Cairo Press, 2002, XXVIII-246 p. Bibliogr. Index. ISBN 977-424-594-6
Kristina Nelson est titulaire d’un doctorat dans les études arabes à l’Université de Berkeley (Californie).
For the Muslim faithful, the familiar sound of the Qur’anic recitation is the predominant and most immediate means of contact with the Word of God. Heard day and night, on the street, in taxis, in shops, in (...)

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