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Accueil > Home > An Arabist Per Accidens : In Memoriam Sergio Noja (1931-2008)

An Arabist Per Accidens : In Memoriam Sergio Noja (1931-2008)


The panel is in memoriam of the late Arabist Sergio Noja to celebrate his scholarship and legacy ten years after his death. It will celebrate his polyhedric interests and genuine curiosity in a variety of subjects.

The panel will focus on his legacy in Qur’anic manuscript studies, stressing the fundamental result she obtained by establishing diplomatic relationships and true friendships, as in the case of the digitization of the famous Sanaa palimpsest. His ability in planning and realizing projects and reaching institutional agreements derived from his competences gained in his parallel activities in the industrial sector. After all, he learned Arabic “asanextra”.


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