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Routledge Studies in Classical Islam (Routledge)


Series Editor : Andrew Rippin, University of Victoria, Canada

The nature of the historical period in which the emergence of Islamic civilization occurred has produced vigorous scholarly debate. While the general impact of the newly formed Arab empire on pre-existing cultures is evident to historians, establishing the varied trajectories of the transition from pre-Islamic times to the period in which the establishment of an Islamic social, political, administrative and cultural order is a matter of significant discussion. Routledge Studies in Classical Islam is dedicated to the best scholarship on that period, revealing the difficulties and the complexities in establishing the history of the time. Focusing on the Arab and Persian worlds up to the tenth century, the series includes original textual sources in translation, modern scholarly works not previously available in English, and newly commissioned works dedicated to examining the period critically in light of the evidence that is available to historians today. Every work in this series focuses on the question of "how do we know" when it comes to establishing the history of this controversial period, producing a persuasive body of insightful scholarship as conducted in the academic community today.

Cette collection comprend trois ouvrages (juin 2011)

- Narratives of the Life of Muhammad, Redefining Sira Literature (Gurdofarid Miskinzoda)
- The Life of Muhammad, Al-Waqidi’s Kitab al-Maghazi (Ed. by Rizwi Faizer)
- The Biography of Muhammad, Nature and Authenticity (Gregor Schoeler)



"Narratives of the Life of Muhammad, Redefining Sira Literature" by Gurdofarid Miskinzoda (June 2015)

"Narratives of the Life of Muhammad, Redefining Sira Literature" by Gurdofarid Miskinzoda (June 2015)MISKINZODA (Gurdofarid), Narratives of the Life of Muhammad, Redefining Sira Literature, London, Routledge, ("Routledge Studies in Classical Islam"), 2015, 224 p. ISBN 978-0-415-60341-6
Gurdofarid Miskinzoda est chercheur et coodinateur des études sur le Shiisme à l’Institut des études ismaéliennes de Londres (Institute for Ismaili Studies).
This book explores the changing attitude towards Sira literature in contemporary scholarship and examines significant aspects of (...)

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