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Scripts and Scripture : Language and Religion in Arabia, circa 500-700 (Chicago, 18-19 May 2017)


Scripts and Scripture : Language and Religion in Arabia, circa 500-700

A conference at the University of Chicago

May 18-19, 2017

The conference “Writing and Religion in Arabia, 500-700 C.E.” will be convened at the University of Chicago on May 18-19 (Thursday-Friday), 2017, calling together leading scholars who deal with questions of pre-Islamic Arabian writing and religion, whether their specialization is South Arabian studies, pre-Islamic and early Islamic Arabic dialectology and epigraphy, Qur’anic studies, or Arabian archaeology. Its goal is to generate a rich interdisciplinary discussion of the basic issues of writing and religion in the Late Antique Arabian Penninsula that provide the background to the appearance and coalescence of the Qur’an, to help place that enigmatic text into a firmer historical, linguistic, religious, and literary context.


(Arranged alphabettically)

Ahmad Al-Jallad (Leiden) : "Revisiting the question of a pre-Islamic Hocharabisch from the vista of the pre-Islamic inscriptions."

François Déroche (Paris) : “The invention of the sacred book.”

Fred M. Donner (Chicago) : “Scripts and Scripture in Late Antique Arabia : an Overview of the problems.”

Suleyman Dost (Chicago) : "Language of Ritual Purity in the Qur’ān and the Arabian Epigraphy.”

Adam Flowers (Chicago) : “Writing and the Terminological Evolution of the Qur’anic ‘Sūra’."

Sidney Griffith (Catholic Univ., Washington D.C.) : "Script, Text, and the Bible in Arabic : The Evidence of the Qur’an."

Robert Hoyland (NYU/ISAW) : “Arabic Writing, Arabic Scripture in Late Roman Arabia.”

Ilkka Lindstedt (Helsinki) : “asʾalu allāh al-mawt fī sabīlihi — Religious warfare in the epigraphic record.”

Michael Macdonald (Oxford) : "The oral and the written in the religions of ancient North Arabia."

Laila Nehmé : “Names of deities and theophoric names in the Nabataeo-Arabic inscriptions from the Arabian peninsula”.

Gordon Newby (Emory) : “Religious Internationalism : A View Through the Eyes of Arabian Jews.”

Christian Julien Robin (Paris) : “The Christians of Najrān.”

Jeremy Vecchi (Chicago) : “The Qurʾān and the Kaʿbah”

Hamza Zafar (Seattle) : “The Quran’s ‘Accounts of Cities’ (anbā al-qura) as Paradeigma.”

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