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Studien zur Komposition der mekkanischen Suren (Angelika NEUWIRTH)

NEUWIRTH (Angelika), Studien zur Komposition der mekkanischen Suren, Berlin, De Gruyter, (« Studien zur Sprasche. Geschichte und Kultur des islamischen Orients; n.F., Bd. 10 »), 1981, 1ère édition 1980, IX+433 p. Index; Bibliogr. ISBN 3-11-007547-4.

Présentation (Editeur)

The Qur’an is an orally composed poetical text which Muslims have always known mainly in the form of oral recitation. Western scholarship however has hardly ever read it as literature, on account of the inaccessibility of its structure, and instead has used it mainly to mine theological or legislative statements. Angelika Neuwirth brings order to this supposed chaos by demonstrating meaningful compositional structures for the Makkan suras of the Qur’an. This 2nd edition has been extended to include a new study which examines the suras as pointing to a historical development in the preaching of the Qur’an and the formation of a community.

Table des matières

View online : aperçu de l’ouvrage (éd. 2007)

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