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Studies in late antiquity and early Islam (The Darwin Press)

Présentation de la collection

Scholars conducting research in this field encounter great difficulties due to the lack of published material, even on basic historical issues. Furthermore, the division between the various disciplines often renders access to new material in an unfamiliar field exceptionally difficult. Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam (SLAEI) thus aims to address such difficulties by publishing monographs, text editions, and translations by scholars working in Byzantine, Arab-Islamic, and Eastern Church studies, and by literary scholars, historians, and archaeologists. The volumes in SLAEI include the papers of international workshops on specific themes, and the series as a whole seeks to promote an integrated and strongly interdisciplinary focus for research on the late antique and early medieval Near East. (Source : Darwin Press)

Liste d’ouvrages sélectionnés

Voici la liste des ouvrages de cette collection prestigieuse. Elle omet cinq ouvrages qui ne sont pas directement liés à notre sujet. On retrouvera ces informations sur le site de darwin press. (Mehdi AZAIEZ)

- 3. The Early Arabic Historical tradition : A Source-Critical Study, by Albrecht Noth. Second edition, in collaboration with Lawrence I. Conrad, translated by Michael Bonner.1994.
- 4. Studies in Early Islamic History, by Martin Hinds. Edited by Jere L. Bacharach, Lawrence I. Conrad, and Patricia Crone. 1996.
- 5. The Eye of the Beholder : The Life of Muhammad as Viewed by the Early Muslims (A Textual Analysis), by Uri Rubin. 1995.
- 8. Arabs and Others in Early Islam, by Suliman Bashear. 1997.
- 9. History and Historiography in Early Islamic Times : Studies and Perspectives, edited by Lawrence I. Conrad. In press, 2003.
- 11. Earliest Biographies of the Prophet, by Josef Horovitz. 2002.
- 12. Muhammadanea Edessensis : The Rise of Islam in Eastern Historiography under the Early ‘Abbasids, by Lawrence I. Conrad. Forthcoming.
- 13. Seeing Islam as Others Saw It : A Survey and Evaluation of Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian Writings on Early Islam, by Robert G. Hoyland. 1997
- 14. Narratives of Islamic Origins : The Beginnings of Islamic Historical Writing, by Fred M. Donner. 1998.
- 15. Al-Tabari : A Medieval Muslim Historian and His Work, edited by Hugh Kennedy and Judy Ahola. In press, 2003.
- 16. The Qur’an : Context, Text, and Interpretation, by Andrew Rippin.
- 17. Between Bible and Qur’an : The Children of Israel and the Islamic Self-Image, by Uri Rubin. 1999.
- 18. Studies in the History and Culture of Early Islam, by Josef Horovitz.
- 19. Prophet, Caliph, and History, by Rudolph Selheim. Forthcoming.
- 20. Ibn ‘Asakir and Early Islamic History, edited by James E. Lindsay. 2001.
- 21. Studies in Muslim Apocalyptic, by David Cook. 2002.

(Source : Darwin Press)


The Early Arabic Historical tradition : A Source-Critical Study

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Studies in Early Islamic History (Martin Hinds)

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The Eye of the Beholder : The Life of Muhammad as Viewed by the Early Muslims (Uri Rubin)

Rubin (Uri)., The Eye of the Beholder : The Life of Muhammad as Viewed by the Early Muslims, Princeton, The Darwin Press, (“Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam ; 5”), 1995, 289 p.
Uri Rubin est Professeur au Département des études arabes et islamique à l’Université de Tel-Aviv.
Orientations de recherche
Mes domaines de recherche sont les débuts de l’islam, avec un accent particulier sur le Coran, l’exégèse du Coran (Tafsir), et les débuts de la tradition islamique (Sira et les (...)

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Arabs and Others in Early Islam (Suliman Bashear)

BASHEAR (Suliman), Arabs and others in early Islam, Princeton, N.J. : Darwin Press, ("Studies in late antiquity and early Islam ; 8"), 1997, VIII+161 p. Bibliogr. Index ISBN 0-87850-126-6
Suliman Bashear fut un historien arabe, professeur à l’Université de Naplouse et à l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem. Il fut remarqué par ses travaux sur les débuts de l’historiographie de l’islam.
In this book the author pursues some of the ideas first set forth in his controversial (...)

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Earliest Biographies of the Prophet (Josef Horovitz, édité par Lawrence I. Conrad)

This volume comprises a new edition of The Earliest Biographies of the Prophet and Their Authors, a pioneering study on early Arab-Islamic historiography by the German Orientalist Josef Horovitz (1874-1931). The first comprehensive work of modern European scholarship on the early accounts of Muhammad’s life to make full use of the available sources, this study traces the emergence and growth of the sira tradition from the generation of Muslims following the Prophet’s death down (...)

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