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Eléments biographiques

Il a été doctorant à l’Université de Notre Dame (Décembre 2012-Septembre 2013) dans le cadre du projet Qur’an Seminar. Il est aujourd’hui post-doctorant à The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.


- “Survival and Christianization of the Gilgamesh Quest for Immortality in the Tale of Alexander and the Fountain of Life”, RSO 83 (2010), 415-38.
- “The Chronological Problems of the Qur’ān: The Case of the Story of Ḏū l-Qarnayn (Q 18:83-102)”, RSO 84 (2011), in press.
- “The Notion of Barzaḫ and the Question of the Intermediate State of the Dead in the Qur’ān”, in C. Lange (ed.), Locating Hell in Islamic Traditions. Acts of the International Symposium 28-29 April 2012 University of Utrecht, Leiden: Brill, forthcoming.
- “The Encounter with the Wise in Qur’ān 18:60-82: Some Parallelisms with Previous Literature”,
preprint (2012).

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