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Texts and Studies on the Qurʾān (Brill)

Texts and Studies on the Qurʾān (Brill)

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Texts and Studies on the Qurʾān

Editors: Gerhard Böwering, Bilal Orfali and Devin Stewart
The Qurʾān, the holy book of Islam proclaimed by Muḥammad, has formed the foundation of Islamic religion and society and provided an important basis for Islamic culture and politics. Texts and Studies on the Qurʾān seeks to publish a series of significant manuscripts, including monographs, textual editions, annotated translations, analytical and topical studies that address the full range of qurʾānic studies as presently articulated within contemporary research universities and institutes. Modes of inquiry and methodological perspectives may include, but are not limited to: philological studies (on grammar, linguistics, rhetoric and stylistics), historical-critical studies of early, classical and post-classical works of qurʾānic interpretation; interpretive inquiries into topics grounded in qurʾānic hermeneutics (e.g., God, prophets, this world and the hereafter, ritual and institutions); thematic and structural analyses of specific portions of the qurʾānic text; studies devoted to textual criticism and the history of the qur’ānic text; anthropological investigations of the social uses of the Qurʾān in various contexts both historical and in the present day; monographs of major Muslim commentaries on the Qurʾān; explorations of textual semantics and significance informed by the insights of contemporary literary and critical theory; inquiries into the impact of the Qur’ān on contemporary Islamic societies; explorations of the origins of the Qur’ān and its intercultural linkage with other Scriptures.

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ISSN: 15672808


- Tafsir as Mystical Experience: Intimacy and Ecstasy in Quran Commentary. Tafsīr sūrat al-baqara by Sayyid ʿAlī Muḥammad Shīrāzī, The Báb (1819-1850)
Volume 14, Todd Lawson, 2018, 978-90-04-38543-6
- Le parfait manuel des sciences coraniques al-Itqān fī ʿulūm al-Qurʾān de Ğalāl ad-Dīn as-Suyūṭī (849/1445–911/1505) (2 vols), Volume 13, Michel Lagarde, 2017, 978-90-04-35711-2
- Malay Court Religion, Culture and Language. Interpreting the Qurʾān in 17th Century Aceh, Volume 12, Peter G. Riddell, 2017, 978-90-04-34132-6
- Islamic Studies Today: Essays in Honor of Andrew Rippin, Volume 11
Editor(s): Majid Daneshgar and Walid Saleh, 2016, 978-90-04-33712-1
- A Qurʾān Commentary by Ibn Barrajān of Seville (d. 536/1141) Īḍāḥ al-ḥikma bi-aḥkām al-ʿibra (Wisdom Deciphered, the Unseen Discovered), Volume 10, Gerhard Böwering and Yousef Casewit, 2015, 978-90-04-29539-1
- The Transmission of the Variant Readings of the Qurʾān. The Problem of Tawātur and the Emergence of Shawādhdh, Volume 9, Shady Nasser, 2012 , 978-90-04-24179-4
- The History of the Qurʾān, Volume 8, Theodor Nöldeke, Friedrich Schwally, Gotthelf Bergsträßer and Otto Pretzl, 10 May 2013, 978-90-04-22879-5
- Sunnitischer Tafsīr in der modernen islamischen Welt Akademische Traditionen, Popularisierung und nationalstaatliche Interessen, Volume 7, Johanna Pink, 2010, ISBN 978-90-04-18723-8
- The Qurʾān in Context. Historical and Literary Investigations into the Qurʾānic Milieu, Volume 6, Editor(s): Angelika Neuwirth, Nicolai Sinai and Michael Marx, 2009, 978-90-47-43032-2
- La transmission écrite du Coran dans les débuts de l’islam. Le codex Parisino-petropolitanus, Volume 5, François Déroche, 2009, 978-90-47-42619-6
- Revelation and Falsification. The Kitāb al-qirā’āt of Aḥmad b. Muḥammad al-Sayyārī, Volume 4, Editor(s): Etan Kohlberg and Moh. Ali Amir-Moezzi, 2009, 978-90-47-44199-1
- The Foreign Vocabulary of the Qur’ān, Volume 3, Arthur Jeffery
Publication Date: 01 Dec 2006, 978-90-47-41886-3
- A Traditional Mu’tazilite Qur’ān Commentary, The Kashshāf of Jār Allāh al-Zamakhsharī (d.538/1144), Volume 2, Andrew Lane, 2005, 978-90-04-14700-3
- The Formation of the Classical Tafsīr Tradition, The Qurʾān Commentary of al-Thaʿlabī (d. 427/1035), Volume 1, Walid Saleh, 2003, 978-90-04-12777-7

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