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The Bible in Arab Christianity (éd. David THOMAS)

The Bible in Arab Christianity (éd. David THOMAS)

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David Thomas est Professeur à l’Université de Birmingham. Il est spécialiste des relations entre islam et christianisme à l’époque médiévale.


The contributions to this volume, which come from the Fifth Mingana Symposium, survey the use of the Bible and attitudes towards it in the early and classical Islamic periods. The authors explore such themes as early Christian translations of the Bible into Arabic, the use of verses from it to defend the truth of Christianity, to interpret the significance of Islam and to prove its error, Muslim accusations of corruption of the Bible, and the influences that affected production of Bibles in Muslims lands. The volume illustrates the centrality of the Bible to Arab Christians as a source of authority and information about their experiences under Islam, and the importance of upholding its authenticity in the face of Muslim criticisms.

Table des matières


Hikmat Kachouh The Arabic Versions of the Gospels : A Case Study of John 1.1 and 1.18
Samir Arbache Bible et liturgie chez les Arabes chrétiens (VIe - IXe siècle)
Shaun O’Sullivan Anti-Jewish Polemic and Early Islam
Harald Suermann The Use of Biblical Quotations in Christian Apocalyptic Writings of the Umayyad Period
Mark Swanson Beyond Prooftexting (2) : The Use of the Bible in Some Early Arabic Christian Apologies
Emmanouela Grypeou The Re-written Bible in Arabic : The Paradise Story and Its Exegesis in the Arabic Apocalypse of Peter
Barbara Roggema Biblical Exegesis and Interreligious Polemics in the Arabic Apocalypse of Peter –The Book of the Rolls
David Bertaina The Development of Testimony Collections in Early Christian Apologetics with Islam
David Thomas The Bible and the Kalam
Gabriel Said Reynolds The Qur’anic Sarah as Prototype of Mary
Gordon Nickel Early Muslim Accusations of tahrif : Muqatil Ibn Sulayman’s Commentary on Key Qur’anic Verses
Clare Wilde Is There Room for Corruption in the ‘Books’ of God ?
Mark Beaumont `Ammar al-Basri on the Alleged Corruption of the Gospels
Sandra Keating The Use and Translation of Scripture in the Apologetic Writings of Abu Ra’ita al-Takriti
Maha El-Kaisy Friemuth Al-Radd al-Jamil : al-Ghazali’s or Pseudo-Ghazali’s ?
Lejla Demiri Hanbalite Commentary on the Bible : Analysis of Najm al-Din al-Tufi’s (d. 716/1316) Al-Ta`liq
Lucy-Anne Hunt Illustrating the Gospels in Arabic : Byzantine and Arab - Christian Miniatures in Two Manuscripts of the Early Mamluk Period in Cambridge
Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala A Nestorian Arabic Pentateuch used in Western Islamic Lands
Natalia Smelova Biblical Allusions and Citations in the Syriac Theotokia according to the MS Syr. New Series 11 of the National Library of Russia, St Petersburg


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