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The Formation of the Classical Islamic World (Ashgate)


C’est une collection d’ouvrages de premier ordre qui rassemble pour chaque volume les principaux articles dans la thématique proposée. Indispensable pour tous les universitaires et étudiants s’intéressant aux travaux récents sur la période de formation de l’islam. (Mehdi AZAIEZ)

Series Editor : Lawrence I. Conrad, University of Hamburg, Germany

The Formation of the Classical Islamic World is a library reference collection that makes available the most important articles and research papers in its subject. By reprinting together in thematically unified volumes material from a widespread range of sources, it constitutes a major new resource for libraries. The articles are selected not only for their current role in breaking new ground, but also for their place as seminal contributions to the formation of the field, and their utility in providing access to the subject for students and specialists in other fields.
Scholars from across the world, representing a range of methodologies and disciplines, have joined to collaborate on what is the most ambitious endeavour of its kind in the modern study of Islamic history. The collection will consist of 48 thematically ordered volumes, each containing a specially written introduction to the subject, a bibliographical guide and an index. All volumes are hardcover, cloth bound and printed on acid-free paper, to suit library needs. All articles not previously published in English have been specially translated for this series.

Liste des ouvrages

- Early Islamic Poetry and Poetics, Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, 2009
- The Early Islamic Grammatical Tradition, Ramzi Baalbaki, American University of Beirut, The Lebanon, 2007
- The Development of Islamic Ritual, Gerald Hawting, University of London, UK, 2006
- Arab-Byzantine Relations in Early Islamic Times, Michael Bonner, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA, 2005
- Muslims and Others in Early Islamic Society, Robert Hoyland, St John’s College, Oxford, UK, 2004
- Hadith, Harald Motzki, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2004
- Magic and Divination in Early Islam, Emilie Savage-Smith, University of Oxford, UK, 2004
- The Formation of Islamic Law, Wael B. Hallaq, McGill University, Canada, 2004
- Shi’ism, Etan Kohlberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 2003
- Manufacturing and Labour, Michael G. Morony, University of California - Los Angeles, USA, 2003
- Production and the Exploitation of Resources, Michael G. Morony, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, 2002
- Patterns of Everyday Life, David Waines, University of Lancaster, 2002
- Early Islamic Art and Architecture, Jonathan M. Bloom, Boston College, USA, 2002
- The Qur’an (2 vol.), Andrew Rippin, University of Victoria, Canada, December 1999
- The Arabs and Arabia on the Eve of Islam, F.E. Peters, New York University, USA, 1999
- The Life of Muhammad, Uri Rubin, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1998

In Variorum Collected Studies Series : Muhammad the Prophet and Arabia

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A signaler dans une autre collection chez le même éditeur :
- Concepts and Ideas at the Dawn of Islam, (Coll. Middle Eastern History) Meïr J. Kister, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1997

(Source :


Muhammad the Prophet and Arabia (Uri RUBIN)

RUBIN (Uri), Muhammad the Prophet and Arabia, London ; [then] Aldershot (GB) ; Brookfield (Vt.), Variorum, ("Variorum Collected Studies Series : 968"), 2011, 346 p. ISBN 978-1-4094-0846-8
Uri Rubin est Professeur au Département des études arabes et islamique à l’Université de Tel-Aviv.
This volume comprises articles dealing with qur’anic and post-qur’anic aspects of the Prophet Muhammad’s image and religious environment. The pieces in the first section analyse Muhammad’s (...)

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Studies in Jāhiliyya and early Islam (J.M. KISTER)

KISTER (M. J), Studies in Jahiliyya and early Islam, Londres, Variorum Reprints, ("Variorum reprints. Collected studies series ; 123"), 1980, 360 p. ISBN 0-86078-068-6
Meïr Jacob KISTER est professeur émérite à l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem. Ses travaux s’intéressent notamment au prime islam.
Presentation et contenu
Cet ouvrage reproduit les articles de l’auteur publiés entre 1962 et 1979.
"Dans ce recueil, l’histoire de l’epoque consideree est abordee dans des etudes traitant des (...)

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Society and Religion from Jahiliyya to Islam (Meïr J. KISTER)

KISTER (M.J.), Society and religion from Jāhiliyya to Islam, Aldershot, Variorum reprints, ("Collected studies series ; 327"), 1990, VIII+342 p. Index. ISBN 0-86078-277-8
Meïr Jacob KISTER est professeur émérite à l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem. Ses travaux s’intéressent notamment au prime islam.
Ce livre rassemble des articles de l’auteur parus entre 1970 et 1986.
In this second collection of his articles, Professor Kister has continued his investigation into the social (...)

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Early Islamic Poetry and Poetics (éd. Suzanne Pinckney STETKEVYCH)

STETKEVYCH (Suzanne Pinckney), Early Islamic Poetry and Poetics, Aldershot [England] ; Burlington, VT, Ashgate/Variorum, ("The Formation of the Classical Islamic World ; 37"), 2009, 466 p. ISBN 978-0-86078-720-4
Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych est Professeure au département des langues et cultures du Moyen-Orient à l’Université de l’Indiana (Indiana University, Bloomington, USA)
This volume brings together a set of key studies on classical Arabic poetry (ca. 500-1000 C.E.), (...)

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Concepts and Ideas at the Dawn of Islam (Meïr J. KISTER)

KISTER (M.J), Concepts and ideas at the dawn of Islam, Aldershot, Brookfield, Ashgate/Variorum, ("Variorum collected studies series ; CS584"), 1997, VIII+308 p. Notes bibliogr. Index. ISBN 0-86078-652-8
Meïr Jacob KISTER est professeur émérite à l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem. Ses travaux s’intéressent notamment au prime islam.
Présentation de l’ouvrage
L’ouvrage est un recueil d’articles publiés entre 1986 à 1994
This book deals with the history of pre-Islamic Arab society and the (...)

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