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The History of al-Tabari (Suny Press)


The Tabari Translation Project concerns the translation and annotation of al-Tabari’s 10th century universal History in 40 volumes. So far 39 volumes have been published and the remaining volume, a comprehensive index, is due for publication in the summer of 2007. It is a project of the Center for Iranian Studies and was supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities and was chosen by the NEH as an example of a “major project” in which a number of scholars have cooperated.

Equipe editoriale

  • Ihsan Abbas, University of Jordan, Amman
  • C.E. Bosworth, The University of Manchester
  • Franz Rosenthal, Yale University
  • Everett K. Rowson, New York University
  • Eshan Yarshater, Columbia University (General Editor)


  • Estelle Whelan, Columbia University (Assistant Editor)
  • Dina Amin, Columbia University (Editorial Coordinator)

Liste des ouvrages et noms des traducteurs

All volumes in this series have been published by SUNY Press. Below is a list of volumes, titles and translator/annotators :

  • Volume I, General Introduction and From Creation to the Flood, Franz Rosenthal
  • Volume II, Prophets and Patriarchs, William M. Brinner
  • Volume III, The Children of Israel, William M. Brinner
  • Volume IV, The Ancient Kingdoms, Moshe Perlmann
  • Volume V, The Sasanians, C. E. Bosworth
  • Volume VI, Muhammad at Mecca, W. Montgomery Watt and M. V. McDonald
  • Volume VII, Foundation of the Community, W. Montgomery Watt and M. V. McDonald
  • Volume VIII, The Victory of Islam, Michael Fishbein
  • Volume IX, The Last Years of the Prophet, A.D. 630-632/A.H. 8-11, Ismail K. Poonawala
  • Volume X, The Conquest of Arabia, A.D. 632-633/A.H. 11, Fred M. Donner
  • Volume XI, The Challenge to the Empires, Khalid Y. Blankinship
  • Volume XII, The Battle of al-Q ?disiyyah, Yohanan Friedmann
  • Volume XIII, The Conquest of Iraq, Southwestern Persia and Egypt, Gautier H. A. Juynboll
  • Volume XIV, The Conquest of Iran, A. D. 641-643/A.H. 21-23, G. Rex Smith
  • Volume XV, The Crisis of the Early Caliphate, A.D. 644-656/A.H. 24-35, R. Stephen Humphreys
  • Volume XVI, The Community Divided : The Caliphate of ’Alî, A.D. 656-657/A.H. 35-36, Adrian Brockett
  • Volume XVII, The First Civil War : From the Battle of Siffîn to the Death of ’Alî, A.D. 656-661/A.H. 36-40, G. R. Hawting
  • Volume XVIII, Between Civil Wars, Michael G. Morony
  • Volume XIX, The Caliphate of Yazîd b. Mu’awiyah, A.D. 680-683/A.H. 60-64, I.K.A. Howard
  • Volume XX, The Collapse of Sufyanid Authority and the Coming of the Marwanids, G. R. Hawting
  • Volumve XXI, The Victory of the Marwanids, A.D. 685-693/A.H. 66-73, Michael Fishbein
  • Volume XXII, The Marwanid Restoration : The Caliphate of ’Abd al-Malik, Everett K. Rowson
  • Volume XXIII, The Zenith of the Marwanid House : The Last Years of ¿Abd al-Malik, Martin Hinds
  • Volume XXIV, The Empire in Transition : The Caliphates of Sulayman, ¿Umar, and Yazid, David S. Powers
  • Volume XXV, The End of Expansion : The Caliphate of Hisham, Khalid Y. Blankinship
  • Volume XXVI, The Waning of the Umayyad Caliphate : Prelude to Revolution, Carole Hillenbrand
  • Volume XXVII, The ¿Abbasid Revolution, A.D. 743-750/A.H. 126-132, John Alden Williams
  • Volume XXVIII, ¿Abbasid Authority Affirmed : The Early Years of al-Mans≥¨r, A.D. 753-763/A.H. 136-145, Jane Dammen McAuliffe
  • Volume XXIX, Al-Mans≥¨r and al-Mahd^, A.D. 763-786/A.H. 146-169, Hugh Kennedy
  • Volume XXX, The ¿Abbasid Caliphate in Equilibrium, A.D. 785-809/A.H. 169-193, C. E. Bosworth
  • Volume XXXI, The War Between Brothers, A.D. 809-813/A.H. 193-198, Michael Fishbein
  • Volume XXXII, The Reunification of the ¿Abbasid Caliphate, C. E. Bosworth
  • Volume XXXIII, Storm and Stress along the Northern Frontiers of the ¿Abbasid Caliphate, C. E. Bosworth
  • Volume XXXIV, The Roots of Decay, A.D. 841-863/A.H. 227-248, Joel L. Kraemer
  • Volume XXXV, The Crisis of the ¿Abbasid Caliphate, George Saliba
  • Volume XXXVI, The Revolt of the Zanj, David Waines
  • Volume XXXVII, The ¿Abbasid Recovery, Phillip Fields
  • Volume XXXVIII, The Return of the Caliphate to Baghdad, A.D. 892-915/A.H. 279-302, Franz Rosenthal
  • Volume XXXIX, Obituaries and Genealogies, Ella Landau-Tasseron
  • Volume XXXX, Index to Tabari Translation Series, (In Press, 2007)

(Source Suny Press)

La rubrique

Cette rubrique présentera les volumes VI à IX puisqu’ils concernent particulièrement la vie de Muhammad et la révélation coranique. (Mehdi AZAIEZ)


The last years of the prophet (Muḥammad ibn Ǧarīr ibn Yazīd AL-ṬABARÏ)

The Last Years of the Prophet : The Formation of the State A.D. 630-632/A.H. 8-11, transl. and annot. by Ismail K. Poonawala, New York : State university of New York, ("The History of al-Ṭabarī, Taʿrīkh al-rusul waʿl-mulūk ; IX"), 1990, XIII+250 p. ISBN 0-88706-691-7 (rel.) - 0-88706-692-5 (Br.)
This volume deals with the last two and a half years of the Prophet’s life. In addition to the three major expeditions to Hunanyn, Ta’if, and Tabuk, it describes in detail the circumstances (...)

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Muhammad at Mecca (Muḥammad ibn Ǧarīr ibn Yazīd, AL-ṬABARÎ)

Muḥammad at Mecca, transl. and annot. by Montgomery Watt , and M.V. McDonald, New York : State university of New York, ("The History of al-Ṭabarī, Taʿrīkh al-rusul waʿl-mulūk ; VI"), 1988, XXXVIII+178 p. ISBN 0-88706-706-9 (rel.). - 0-88706-707-7 (br.)
The sixth volume of the translation of al-Tabari’s History deals with the ancestors of Muhammad, with his own early life, and then with his prophetic mission up to the time of his Hijrah or emigration to Medina. The topics covered (...)

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The Foundation of the Community : Muhammad At Al-Madina A.D. 622-626/Hijrah-4 A.H. (Muḥammad ibn Ǧarīr ibn Yazīd, AL-ṬABARÎ)

The Foundation of the Community : Muhammad At Al-Madina A.D. 622-626/Hijrah-4 A.H., transl. and annot. by Montgomery Watt , and M.V. McDonald, New York : State university of New York, ("The History of al-Ṭabarī, Taʿrīkh al-rusul waʿl-mulūk ; VII"), 1987, XXXVIII+182 p. ISBN 0-88706-344-6 (rel) ; 0-88706-345-4 (br.)
The contents of this volume are extremely significant : The specific events in this earliest period set precedents for what later became established Islamic practice. The (...)

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The Victory of Islam : Muhammad at Medina A.D. 626-630/A.H. 5-8 (Muḥammad ibn Ǧarīr ibn Yazīd, AL-ṬABARÎ)

The Victory of Islam, Muḥammad at Medina, transl. and annot. by Michael Fishbein, New York : State university of New York, ("The History of al-Ṭabarī, Taʿrīkh al-rusul waʿl-mulūk ; VIII"), 1997, XXIII+213 p. ISBN 0-7914-3150-9
Volume VIII of al-Tabari’s great 40-volume history of the Arabs covers the history of the Muslim community and the biography of Muh’ammad in the middle Medinan years. During this period, Meccan resistance to Islam collapsed, Muh’ammad returned triumphantly to (...)

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