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The Quran and the Secular Mind. A Philosophy of Islam (Shabbir AKHTAR)

AKHTAR (Shabbir), The Quran and the Secular Mind A Philosophy of Islam, London, Routledge, ("Routledge Religion"), 2007, 416 p. ISBN 978-0-415-43782-0


Shabbir Akhtar est Professeur de Philosophie à la Old Dominion University à Norfolk dans l’Etat de Virginie (USA)


This book is concerned with the rationality and plausibility of the Muslim faith and the Qur’an, and in particular how they can be interrogated and understood through Western analytical philosophy. It also explores how Islam can successfully engage with the challenges posed by secular thinking.

Table des matières

Introduction Part 1 : Quranic Islam and the Secular Mind 1. Locating Islam in the Modern World 2. Human Reason and Divine Revelation 3. The Moral Challenge of Secular Humanism Part 2 : An Arabic Quran : Assessing its Authority 4. The Book Sent Down 5. The Book as ‘The Frustrater’ 6. The Scope of the Book 7. The Authority of the Book Part 3 : A Quranic Lebenswelt in a Secular Age 8. A Sign is Enough - For the Wise 9. Faith and the Varieties of Rejection 10. Human Nature and the Quran 11. ‘Greater is God !’ Part 4 : Conclusions 12. Preface to a Philosophy of Islam


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