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The alchemy of happiness by Mohammed al Ghazzali (trans. Henry A. Homes)

The alchemy of happiness by Mohammed al Ghazzali (trans. Henry A. (...)

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HOMES, Henry Augustus, author, born in Boston, Massachusetts, 10 March, 1812. He was graduated at Amherst in 1830, subsequently studied at Andover and Yale theological seminaries, followed oriental studies in Paris, France, and was ordained there in 1835 as a missionary of the "Eglise Reformee" to Turkey. He served as a missionary of the American board at Constantinople in 1886-’50, and was in the diplomatic service of the United States at Constantinople in 1851-’3. In 1854 he was appointed assistant librarian in the general library of the state library at Albany, New York, and in 1868 became the senior librarian mid chief of the staff in the same library. He is the author of "The Need of the Yezeedees of Mesopotamia" (1842); "Observations on the Design and Import of Medals" (Albany, 1864); "Our Knowledge of California and the Northwest" (1870); "The Palatine Emigration to England in 1709" (1872); "The Water Supply of Constantinople" (1876); "The Future Development of the New York State Library" (1878); "The Pompey (New York) Stone" (1881); "The Correct Arms of the State of New York" (1883); and has translated from the Turkish "The Alchemy of Mohammed Ghazzali" (1878).

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translated from the Turkish Kīmiyā-yi saʻādat by Henry A. Homes.

In form, the book contains a treatise on practical piety, but as is the case with a large proportion of Mohammedan works, the author, whatever may be his subject, finds a place for observations reaching far wide of his apparent aim, so our author is led to make many observations which develop his notions in anatomy, physiology, natural philosophy and natural religion (Henry A. Homes.)


Introductory Notice

CHAPTER I. On Knowledge of the Soul
CHAPTER II. On Knowledge of God
CHAPTER III. On Knowledge of the World
CHAPTER IV. On Knowledge of the Future World
CHAPTER V. On the Love of God

Book in the public domain (Digital copy by Google )

The alchemy of happiness by Mohammed al Ghazzali, trans by Henry A. Homes