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The origins of Islamic jurisprudence. Meccan Fiqh before the classical schools (Harald MOTZKI)

MOTZKI (Harald), The origins of Islamic jurisprudence. Meccan Fiqh before the classical schools by Harald Motzki ; translated from the German by Marion H. Katz, Leiden/Boston/Köln, Brill, ("Islamic history and civilization ; 41") 2002. ISBN 90-04-12131-5. Bibliogr. Index


Harald Motzki est spécialiste d’islamologie (histoire sociale, juridique et religieuse). Il obtient son doctorat en islamologie en 1978 à l’Université de Bonn et son habilitation en 1989 à l’Université de Hambourg ; Il est aujourd’hui Professeur associé d’islamologie à l’Université de Nijmegen (Pays bas).


Titre original de l’ouvrage (en allemand) : Die Anfänge der islamischen Jurisprudenz : ihre Entwicklung in Mekka bis zur Mitte des 2./8. Jahrhunderts / von Harald Motzki. - Stuttgart : F. Steiner, 1991. - (@Abhandlungen für die Kunde des Morgenlandes). - ISBN 3-515-05433-2

The current view among Western scholars of Islam concerning the early development of Islamic jurisprudence was shaped by Joseph Schacht’s famous study on the subject published 50 years ago. Since then new sources became available which make a critical review of his theories possible and desirable. This volume uses one of these sources to reconstruct the development of jurisprudence at Mecca, virtually unknown until now, from the beginnings until the middle of the second Islamic century. New methods of analysis are developed and tested in order to date the material contained in the earliest compilations of legal traditions more properly. As a result the origins of Islamic jurisprudence can be dated much earlier than claimed by Schacht and his school.

(Source BRILL)

Compte-rendu (en ligne) par Mohammed Hocine Benkheira

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