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Translating the Qur’an (16 mars 2012)

Translating the Qur’an

A conference devoted to the European reception
and understanding of the Qur’an
Launch Conference
Centre for the History of Arabic Studies in Europe (CHASE) The Warburg Institute
16 March 2012


The Warburg Institute

10.00 Doors open – Registration – Welcome

10.15 Thomas E. Burman (Tennessee)
Reading and Translating the Qur’an with the Dominican Arabists, c. 1240 – 1320

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Hartmut Bobzin (Erlangen)
The Long History of the First German Qur’an Translation (Nürnberg 1616)

12.15 Noel Malcolm (Oxford)    
The English Version (1649) of André du Ryer’s Translation of the Qur’an

1.00 Lunch in the Institute Common Room

2.00 Ziad Elmarsafy (York)
The Qur’an in the Enlightenment : Aspects of the Sale Translation

2.45 Robert Irwin (London)
The Influence of the Qur’an on Western Literature 

3.30 Tea

4.00 Angelika Neuwirth (Berlin)
The Qur’an - a European Text. Taking Historical, Literary and
Theological Entanglements Seriously

4.45 Tarif Khalidi (Beirut)
Reflections of a Qur’an Translator

5.30 Reception

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