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In Defense of the Bible A Critical Edition and an Introduction to al-Biqāʿī’s Bible Treatise (Walid SALEH)

SALEH (Walid), In defense of the Bible : a critical edition and an introduction to al-Biqāʿī’s Bible treatise, Leiden/Boston, Brill, ("Islamic history and civilization ; 73"), 2008, VIII+223 p. Bibliogr. Index. ISBN 978-90-04-16857-2


Walid Saleh, d’origine libanaise est professeur au département et Centre pour l’étude de la Religion à Toronto.


The history of the Islamic interaction with the Scriptures of Judaism and Christianity has been studied extensively in academia. The prevailing view is that Muslims had hardly any religious appreciation to the Bible and when used by Muslims it was mainly in apologetic or polemical settings. The document presented here squarely contradicts such a view. The treatise argues for the permissiblity of using the Bible by Muslims for religious purposes. Al-Biqāʿī, the author of this treatise, wrote a huge Qurʾān commentary that used the Hebrew Bible and the Gospels to interpret parts of the Qurʾān. Al-Sakhāwī, a bitter enemy, opposed such a practice. The document preserves for us a fundamental argument inside Islam about the value of the Scriptures of other religions.

Table des matières

- Preliminary Materials (i-viii)
- Introduction (1-6)
- A Hermeneutical Biography Of Al-Biqāʿī (7-20)
- The QurʾĀn commentary, the bible controversy, and the treatise (21-36)
The Bible Controversy
Structure and Content of al-Aqwāl
- The Manuscripts Of Al-Aqwāl And The Plan Of The Edition (37-48)
A Description Of The Manuscripts
- Illustrations (49-56)
- Arabic Edition (57-192)
- General Index (193-206)
- Index Of Book Titles (207-210)
- Index of Ḥadīth and Āthār (211-218)
- Index of QurʾĀn Citations (219-220)
- Bibliography (221-224)

(Source : BRILL)

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